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Oxygen Cylinders

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Our oxygen cylinders come in various capacities and sizes for use in industrial and medical applications. The size of the cylinders is indicative of the volume of oxygen contained in it. It is the size of the cylinder that decides the time oxygen would take to run out. We manufacture and provide cylinders which are equipped with regulators for controlling the flow rate. In case of oxygen cylinders for medical use the regulators have got conserving device allowing release of oxygen when the patient inhales and the flow is cut-off when the patient exhales. Our D type oxygen cylinder has capacity of 46.7 liters with working pressure of 150 bar. B type oxygen cylinders have capacity 10.2 liters with pressure of 150 bar.

We manufacture oxygen cylinders with high quality robust materials. Our company offers cylinders in different working pressures like 12mpa (120 BAR) and 15 mpa (150 BAR). Oxygen cylinders are fabricated in various capacities to meet the specifications of customers. There are numerous other aspects which are also taken into account during manufacturing process. For example, weight, length and external diameter are subject to change as per our manufacturing requirements. It is ensured that materials used in the fabricating of oxygen cylinders can withstand extreme pressure.

Salient features of oxygen cylinders